5 Common Energy Zappers

Posted on by Margo Gladding

Do you experience daily energy slumps? Need caffeine or sugar to get you through your day? If so, read the list below to see if you are falling victim to the five most common energy zappers. Identifying and addressing unhealthy habits is the first step towards feeling your best. 1. Poor Food Choices Sugar, caffeine, skipping meals, or eating very heavy meals can affect energy levels and the ability to focus. Sugar and caffeine are stimulants that can disrupt blood sugar levels, interfere with sleep, and lead to exhaustion and burnout. Eating a high-quality diet with enough protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables contributes to better overall health and improved ability to concentrate. 2. Lack of Exercise Lack of exercise is associated with numerous health risks. Regular physical activity increases blood flow and oxygenation of cells, which is especially important for the brain. Thirty minutes of moderate physical activity a day can improve mood and energy. 3. Dehydration Dehydration reduces blood volume so less blood flows to vital organs and body parts. Dehydration of tissues slows enzymatic activity, and enzymes are vital for the production of energy. Water improves detoxification processes. While we are in the midst of a hot summer, it is especially important to stay and to replenish the body with electrolytes. 4. Poor Sleep Approximately 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by sleep problems. Sleep disorders affect all areas of life, including cognitive performance, emotional well-being, work and leisure-time activities, and general physical and mental well-being. Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or trouble staying asleep, addressing the root cause is the only way to restore needed rest. Village Green offers a comprehensive sleep test that can help you understand what may be causing your sleep issues. 5. Stress Stress is a contributing factor in a range of conditions and is a major cause of low energy levels. Often, stress leads to headaches, decreased immunity, poor sleep, trouble concentrating, anxiety, and depression. Managing stress involves identifying and eliminating the cause(s). In addition, establishing positive patterns and coping skills helps to ensure better handling of stress. Also keep in mind - at Village Green, we offer a lot of great resources and services to help guide you on your healing path. For example, we have a free Essentials of Healthy Living (EHL) educational card system that is available both on our website and in the store. This system helps to take the guesswork out of what supplements to take, and why. We carry thousands of high-quality nutritional products, plus health-related books, natural beauty care items, homeopathic products, and pet care products. We also have a very informative radio show that records weekly (with an archive of past shows that is a real treasure trove of information). And, we offer a variety of wellness consultations with health experts to provide you with the individualized care that you deserve.