2013 Health Trends

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Americans are becoming more conscious of what they are putting in their mouths, how much waste they are producing, and improving their workplace environments. A study conducted by The Value Institute of DGWB, a social science research entity based in California, used observational studies to identify top health and wellness trends that Americans are most likely to embrace in 2013. The predicted top five health trends for 2013 are: 1. Food Waste Consciousness. A recent survey by Eco Pulse found that 39% of Americans feel guilty after throwing out food. It is believed that Americans will be more conscious of waste and avoiding throwing out food scraps unnecessarily. Approximately a third of the world’s food is thrown out before it even hits tables. That includes produce that may have some bruises or may not be pretty enough to be sold (according to our standards), but otherwise is perfectly edible. 2. Wellness in the Workplace. Employers are realizing that working health into the corporate agenda benefits waistlines and bottom lines. With healthcare expected to rise by 7% in the U.S., companies hope to improve employee health and reduce healthcare expenditures by adding wellness programs. 3. Mini-Meals and Snacking. New research shows that those who eat between meals tend to have healthier diets. Snacking on nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables are they key to making this work. 4. Meatless Mainstreaming: Celebrities Ellen Degeneres and Anne Hathaway have embraced veganism, a diet that excludes animal products of any kind – and so have many others. And although not as restrictive, many families have incorporated a vegetarian meal or two into their weekly menu. It is more cost effective than meat and can also be a very healthy alternative. 5. Going Against the Grain. I remember years ago when you could only find gluten-free foods at small health food stores, but these days gluten-free diets (either by choice or necessity) have become so mainstream that you can easily find gluten-free products at your local grocery.