Relax With Muscle Relax Plus

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Pathway is one of the most comprehensive supplement lines we offer, with products from single nutrients like vitamin D, to quality formulas to help with everything from sleep support to blood pressure support to muscle soreness. If you have back pain, shoulder pain, or post-workout soreness (maybe it's your first time back to the gym after a few months off), Muscle Relax Plus may be for you. This formula combines vitamins, minerals and herbs to help relieve occasional muscle tension and cramping related to stress or overuse of muscles. It may also help: • Promote normal muscle function and tone • Aid muscle and soft-tissue recovery • Reduce acute and chronic muscle spasms • Relieve trigger-point (myofascial) tenderness • Maintain spinal stability • Reduce tension and discomfort • Promote relaxation. This product is also part of our Mid Winter Sale, which runs through February 22. Photo from here, with thanks.