Be Active With Your Family

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

skating-familiesAre you active with your family? Consider this. My kids are in a lot of activities! A LOT! Hockey, swimming, lacrosse and soccer, to name a few. They love trying new sports and being active. My husband coaches and I usually cheer from the sidelines, or just drop off to get the other kid to the other activity. And although we often go on Sunday night walks or bike rides together, I was starting to feel left out of the sports conversation. I was a bystander. So this weekend, I decided at the age of 41, to stop being a bystander and join a hockey team. Channeling one of Oprah's sayings... if not now, when? A local mom was looking to fill a few spots on her hockey team and on a whim I signed up. To give you some background on my experience in ice hockey... I have none. I can barely skate. The rest of my family skates and plays hockey, and they are always willing to try new things, and I was willing to drive them to their new things and just cheer on... until this weekend. So why did I decide to go big or go home? Here are a few reasons: 1. Setting a good example. I want my kids to know that age should never stop you from trying new things, even scary new things. By showing my kids that being active is a priority – plus it’s fun – not only am I improving their health right now, I'm also increasing the likelihood they’ll stay active throughout their lives. 2. To appreciate my kids. Learning a new skill like stick handling is something I have never had to do, and I have perhaps never truly appreciated the complexity of it. Putting myself in their shoes will hopefully give me a better understanding of what they have accomplished in such a short time. 3. Family time. I cannot wait to be able to play shinny in the winter on the pond. Exercising together creates a healthier mind, body, and family connection. The take-away from this post shouldn't be that I need to join a hockey team – it should be don't stay motionless while your kids are out being so active. Fitness is for the whole family! From a spontaneous game of backyard tag to an afternoon of geocaching, or karate classes three times a week, exercising can allow families to spend their energy and precious time together. Photo from here, with thanks.