Digestive Health Panel


Digestive Health Panel

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Digestive Health Panel

Evidence suggests that many chronic health issues arise from disturbances in the GI tract. Problems with digestion, absorption, elimination, and/or microbiome balance can have far reaching effects in the body. A comprehensive stool analysis is a fantastic tool to assess the overall health of the GI system and pinpoint the specific areas that need attention.

This thorough test provides detailed information about digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, yeast overgrowth, inflammation, metabolic activity, and immune function. If you have been suffering from GI symptoms, have an autoimmune condition or other health concerns, such as skin issues, fatigue, depression, or joint pain, this test is highly recommended.

This test evaluates:

    • Bacteria levels (beneficial and pathogenic)
    •  Yeast culture
    • Digestion/Absorption:
      • Elastase
      • Fat stain
      • Muscle fibers
      • Vegetable fibers
      • Carbohydrates
    • Inflammation:
      • Lactoferrin
      • Calprotectin
      • Lysozyme
      • White blood cells
      • Mucus
    • Immunology:
      • SIgA
    • Short chain fatty acids:
      • Acetate
      • Proprionate
      • Butyrate
      • Valerate
      • Total SCFA’s
    • Intestinal health markers:
      • Occult blood
      • Red blood cells
      • pH

Test Type:

Stool Sample Collection – detailed instructions will be sent to you inside your test kit.


Sample Test Report


Test results will be emailed to you in approximately 10-14 business days. You will also receive a brief analysis of your test results with general recommendations from a Village Green licensed nutritionist.


Email a Village Green nutritionist or call 800-869-9159.

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