Village Green now offers blood tests and lab work.

These high quality tests are recommended by Village Green’s lead nutritionist. Some test panels are designed to provide a snapshop of overall health or a particular test could address worries about the presence of a possible condition.

Testing is easy

  1. Order tests online. Or call 1-800-869-9159.

  2. Go to a local lab for a blood draw or follow the instructions with your in-home kit.

    For blood tests*, you’ll receive an email with 24-48 hours with a lab requisition form. Take this to a local LabCorp Patient Service Center. The lab will mail the blood work directly to our lab.

    For other test (such as urine, saliva, or dry blood spot tests), you will receive an at-home collection kit with detailed instructions for use. Return the kit to the lab within the specified time.

  3. Get your results

    Lab results times vary. Blood test results will be emailed to you 3-5 business days from receipt. In-home test results can take up to 14 business days.

    You will also receive an email with a brief analysis of your test results with general recommendations from a Village Green licensed nutritionist.

*Blood testing services are available only in the continental United States and Anchorage, AK. Not available in New York or New Jersey.

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