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  • 3 Tips for Healthy Teeth

    brush your teeth to keep them healthy

    How can you help your kids' have healthy teeth? It requires more than brushing and flossing twice a day. Optimal nutrition and a......

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  • 5 Healthy Snacks for Kids

    healthy snacks include apples

    Whether your kids are homeschooling, virtual learning or in class learning, I bet that snacks are a big part of the day. Snacks can make up......

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  • 7 Natural Immunity Boosters for Kids

    immunity boosters for kids help keep them healthy

    Sometimes it feels as if threats are everywhere. There's always something ready and waiting to attack our children's immune systems – from......

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  • More Useful Back-to-School Tips... Especially for this Novel Season

    back-to-school from home

    It’s back-to-school like never before. For so many of us, this September is like no other. Instead of driving our kids to the classroom, we’re walking them......

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  • Back to School: 9 Timely Tips to Make It Easier

    home school

    The end of summer and going back to school can be challenging in the best of times. Now that we are returning back to school under COVID-19 conditions,......

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  • Raising a Plant-Based Family

    raising a plant-based family

    Guest blog by Jasmol Sardana, DO.

    Eating a plant-based diet with your family is rewarding, healthy, and easy! Here are a few tips that will have......

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  • Lunch Today: Kid-Friendly Pita Pizzas

    I have never a met a kid who didn't like pizza. And full disclosure, while other kids in college were chowing down on ramen noodles and Kraft dinners, pita pizzas were my staple!......

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  • Back to School Lunches

    school-lunchFor some, school has already started, and for others there are still a couple of weeks before we have to start making lunches. Making healthy lunches can be challenging, especially if you have......

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  • Natural Approach to Colds, Flu and Ear Infection for Kids

    sick-child_aColds, flu and ear infections are some of the common reasons parents bring their children in to see their doctors. The best approach to a cold or flu is to prevent it in......

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  • Keeping Your Kids Healthy With Probiotics

    kids-to-schoolWe have been free of illness all summer. No colds, flus or any other sort of viruses. But as I walked my kids to school this morning, I realized that this streak might......

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