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  • Lunch Today: Mixed Greens and Quinoa Salad

    mixed greens

    We had some beautiful weather last week and it felt like spring! Once the weather turns from frigid to warm, I tend to eat fewer soups and stews and......

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  • Lunch Today: Peachy Bean Salad

    peachy bean salad

    A bite into the perfectly ripe peach and having the juice drip down your chin can be one of summer's sweetest treats. Farmers markets are overflowing with......

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  • Lunch Today: Mason Jar Summer Salad

    Corn, cherries, cucumber, blueberries... the epitome of summer harvest. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables and beautiful yellow sweet corn make a tasty combination for this lunch on the go! Offering tons of fiber,......

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  • Lunch Today: Green Power Salad

    salad-in-a-jarPacking a lunch for school-aged children can be challenging, but I find it almost as challenging to pack a lunch for myself. As an adult, it sometimes seems easier to grab a sandwich,......

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  • Lunch Today: Rainbow Salad

    rainbow-salad"Taste the rainbow" should be a slogan for fruits and vegetables and not for candy! The more color on your plate, the more nutrients you are getting, like the following. This colorful, nutrient-rich......

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  • Are Restaurant Salads a Smart Choice?


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  • Dinner Tonight: Village Salad

    village-saladPopular in a number of different cultures, village salad, also known as peasant salad, Greek salad, or in Bulgaria, Shopska salad, is basically a salad that is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion,......

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  • Dinner Tonight: Fennel Salad

    In my organic bin last week, I received beautiful and fragrant fennel. Although the idea of fennel has always been intriguing, I had never cooked with it before. Fennel tastes like......

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