Face Bar Activated Charcoal


Face Bar Activated Charcoal

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Application: Using a toothbrush, moisten with water and drop toothbrush into the bottle of powder. Brush teeth gently. Rinse with water. Enjoy the amazing feeling of your teeth and gums along with the freshest of breath. Now go kiss someone you love!

Toothpowder will last indefinitely on the counter since there are no liquid ingredienMost soaps and cleaners strip the skin, creating a dry tight feeling, destroying the natural pH of healthy skin, and leaving it vulnerable to microbes. The Face Bar contains only two ingredients: Olive oil and goats milk. Goat's milk contains natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which gently slough off dead skin cells, hydrating and brightening the skin.

  • minimize wrinkles, heals dry skin, exfoliates dead skin.
  • Preserves natural acid mantle.
  • Skin can defend itself against environmental toxins.
  • Maintains and repairing skins natural pH.
  • Great feeling and smooth appearance.
  • Face is cleaned but not stripped.ts and all of the ingredients naturally discourage bacterial growth.