Glow Toner


Glow Toner

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Restore the natural pH balance of your skin using bio-active ingredients. Rich in polyphenols, shown to slow down the skin aging. containing nautral fruit acids, malic and lactic acid, a Natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which softens and exfoliates the skin, reducing red marks and dark discolorations. Aiding in skin stimulation and gently exfoliation. Stops breakouts in their tracks with natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, all without stripping the skin or drying it out. Restores the protective layer, called the acid mantle of our skin, which is needed to protect our skin from germs, bacteria and environmental ongoing pollutants.

  • Regulates the skins pH balance.
  • Lightens age spots.
  • Aides in skin stimulation and gentle exfoliation.
  • Kills bacteria that may trigger breakouts.
  • Balances the acid mantle of skin.
  • Dissolves dead skin.