Ultra Cleansing System


Ultra Cleansing System

60 + 60 CAPSULES

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AM/PM Natural Body Cleanse and Detox

Pathway Ultra Cleansing System is a gentle and effective 30-day program that supports the mayor systems liver, lungs, lymphatic, kidney, colon and skin. Ultra Cleansing System is a two part cleansing system with an AM and PM formula. Key ingredients include: milk thistle seed, dandelion root, Oregon grape root, flax seed, artichoke leak, burdock, plus many other health detoxifying herbs. This product is gluten free and vegetarian.

Suggested Use: Take 2 (AM) capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and take 2 (PM) capsules at least 1 hour after evening meal. To aid in cleansing, drink lots of additional water.