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Evidence from pre-clinical research shows that petasin and isopetasin, active constituents extracted from the herb butterbur, can provide support for head comfort. In our Migra-Eeze formula, we’ve taken this extract to the next level by combining it with riboflavin (vitamin B2) and ginger to provide even more support for cranial discomfort.

Migra-Eeze contains standardized butterbur root extract to provide 22.5 mg of petasin to support head comfort.

Migra-Eeze Benefits

Helps inhibit inflammation to support head comfort
Enhances healthy nervous system signaling
Helps relax blood vessels in the skull

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    Ginger F
    Backed by Research

    I researched riboflavin for migraines and found several credible studies for both adults and children. We used this product for 3 different people in our family. After the first few months of use both my daughters were free of migraines so we stopped using it. About a year later one of my daughters had a migraine. We went back on this for 2-4 weeks and once again she is migraine free for several months now. My migraines have greatly decreased but mine are also hormonal so we are working on that part too. I highly recommend this product. It is not a product you take once you get the migraine as much as it is one you take to eliminate migraines. There are a lot of causes for migraines but this is worth trying as the side effects of riboflavin amount to brightly colored urine. I highly recommend.

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