Fine Grey French Atlantic Salt


Fine Grey French Atlantic Salt

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Discover what few people know - not all salt is the same!

In fact, most salt has been stripped of its minerals and is 99% sodium chloride. Without the minerals your saline solution won't optimally breakdown the mucous in your sinuses. We chose a French Atlantic Sea Salt because it is hand harvested and contains every one of its minerals. But don't believe us. Do a test. Compare this grey salt in your nasal pot to the bright white salt you may be using then tell us you don't notice a difference?! Less stinging? Less dryness? You'll love this salt and we're certain you'll never go back to the bright, white stuff again!

How To Use Our Salt Rinse:

Place a heaping teaspoon of our French Atlantic Salt Rinse into your neti pot with 8 oz. of warm water. Stir thoroughly and run 4 ounces through each nostril.

Hint! If you experience any discomfort, adjust your level of salt. Too little salt can be as uncomfortable as too much salt. Play around with what works for you. More or less? More tilt in your head? Are the salt crystals dissolved? Everyone is different. Don't give up! Neti rinsing really, really works.