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Amla C (natural antioxidant)

Amla C , or Amalaki, the "Indian Gooseberry" has been known for more than 3,000 years. Amla C belongs to the group of herbs that according to historic texts, "Promote longevity and induce nourishment."

  • High in important antioxidant activity, Amla C supports the body's normal protection mechanisms as it deals with oxidative stresses. Researchers at the Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama,Japan called Amla C a very useful antioxidant in support of normal oxidative stress levels during the body's natural aging process.

  • Key Benefits
  • A plant-sourced vitamin C easily assimilated and well-used by the body*
  • Contains one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C of any edible plant*
  • Rich in antioxidant content*
  • Supportive of normal liver function*
  • Found in the famous Indian combinations Triphala and Chyavanprash
  • Amla C Supplement Facts