Acid Soothe Chewable


Acid Soothe Chewable

30 Chewable TABLET

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  • Zinc Carnosine to help rebuild digestive lining
  • Digestive enzymes to break down problem foods
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Great tasting, berry flavored tablet!
  • No artificial fillers, excipients or sweeteners

The Science

The better digested our foods are, the less likely they are to cause occasional heartburn, making enzymes a great choice for relief.

How does digestion affect occasional heartburn?
While the food we eat may have a big impact on whether or not we feel the symptoms of occasional heartburn, our digestion plays an equally important role. If our gut has difficulty breaking down difficult foods like carbs and fat, it can end up giving us a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms, including occasional heartburn and indigestion. 

How can enzymes help?
Enzymes are a great natural solution for digesting troublesome foods that cause occasional heartburn and indigestion. Each type of enzyme targets and breaks down a different food, providing just the support the gut needs. While enzymes naturally occur in the foods we eat, the process of cooking destroys them. Our levels of naturally-produced enzymes often lower with age, making it necessary to take an enzyme supplement for the proper digestion we need. 

What's different about Acid Soothe Chewable?
Not all enzyme supplements are created equal, and Acid Soothe Chewable has a powerful formula. Containing Thera-blend enzymes, it helps break down troublesome foods like carbohydrates, fats and fiber. With Thera-blend, multiple enzyme strains are combined, allowing you to receive the benefits at multiple pH levels and across the whole digestive tract.

Acid Soothe™ Chewable also contains PepzinGI zinc carnosine. Zinc carnosine optimizes the mucosal lining of the stomach.