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  • Ugly Fruit – Short on Looks, But Big on Taste and Nutrients

    apples-blemishedThe next time you are at the grocery store, you may want to think twice before you pass on blemished or misshapen fruits and vegetables. Not only does cosmetic imperfection cause tons of......

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  • Resveratrol May Help Colitis

    A recent study out of Spain has found that mice with colitis that were given the equivalent of 30 mg of resveratrol experienced a reduction of inflammation and even reduced mortality by 40%, when compared with a control......

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  • Need Resveratrol? Have a Glass of Wine!

    Resveratrol is a supplement that I get asked a lot about. What is it? Resveratrol is a polyphenol naturally found in the skin of red grapes, certain berries, and other plants. The potential benefits of this antioxidant are astounding.......

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