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  • New Research: Poor Gut Health Linked to More Severe Outcomes in COVID-19

    gut healthPoor gut health could put you at risk of more severe outcomes if you have COVID-19, according to a new scientific review. The review, published this week in......

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  • Lunch Today: Crunchy Sweet Potato Salad

    sweet potatoPerfect for cozy winter recipes, the sweet potato is a versatile root vegetable that can go into everything from soups to salads, and even desserts. Plus, it is delicious all on its......

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  • Lunch Today: Easy Blueberry Cornbread Muffins


    Two of summer's great pickings come together for this delicious blueberry cornbread. This fun twist on regular cornbread uses fresh blueberries and corn-off-the-cob, and makes a perfect addition to......

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  • Dinner Tonight: Black Beans and Brown Rice Bowl

    beans and rice

    Beans and rice are a classic combination in many cultures. Together they make up a complete protein, which basically means they provide all nine of the essential......

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  • Snack Today: Banana Bread

    delicious banana bread

    Raise your hand if you have overly ripe bananas. Now raise your hand if you are buying bananas just to watch them turn brown so you can......

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  • Snack Today: Mexican Caviar Dip

    If you want to be a hit at your next get-together, make this Mexican Caviar Dip! This is my go-to dish when I am asked to bring something, and I am usually asked......

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  • Dinner Tonight: Lentil Stuffed Peppers

    Traditionally stuffed peppers are made with some sort of ground meat. This recipe for Lentil Stuffed Peppers goes vegetarian with lentils instead of beef. Lentils are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals,......

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  • Natural Ways to Fight Constipation

    While it may not be the most comfortable subject to talk about, it is one that almost everyone is familiar with. It is estimated that one quarter of Americans have been affected by......

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  • Dinner Tonight: Squash and Turkey Chili

    turkey-chiliI woke up Saturday to fall-like weather and it instantly put me in the mood for cozy comfort foods like soup, chili and stews. The great thing about these types of foods is......

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  • Lunch Today: Green Power Salad

    salad-in-a-jarPacking a lunch for school-aged children can be challenging, but I find it almost as challenging to pack a lunch for myself. As an adult, it sometimes seems easier to grab a sandwich,......

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