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  • Dinner Tonight: Sheet Pan Greek-Style Chicken

    sheet-pan chickenI am big fan of sheet pan dinners. They are fast and very versatile and are a great way to use up vegetables in your fridge that may be looking a little sad. This......

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  • Dinner Today: Hearty Winter Quinoa Salad with Warm Apple Cider Vinaigrette

    After spending hours outside on a frozen pond over the weekend,  the last thing I felt like either making or eating was a salad. A body warming soup or a hearty stew seemed more appropriate, but this quinoa......

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  • Snack Today: Fuel-to-Go Mini Muffins

    If you need fuel before a workout, training session or a game, these mini muffins are perfect to give you usable energy when you want it. These muffins are tasty and can be thrown into a container for a quick,......

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  • Lunch Today: Crunchy Sweet Potato Salad

    sweet potato

    Perfect for cozy winter recipes, the sweet potato is a versatile root vegetable that can go into everything from soups to salads, and even desserts. Plus, it is delicious all on its own. This nutritional powerhouse is chock-full......

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  • 5 Healthy and Delicious Smoothies


    We've made it to 2021 – and hopefully this year brings more positive news than the one left behind. Many people start off a new year with a promise of eating better and moving more. Maintaining healthy eating habits......

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  • Keep Your Heart Healthy With a Plant-Based Holiday

    heart healthy vegan paella

    It’s a dangerous time of year for heart health: holiday heart attack season. More people die from heart disease between December 25 and January 7 than any other time of the year.......

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  • 3 Delicious Edible Gifts for Friends & Family

    nuts in a jar make a nice gift

    Homemade food is the perfect gift. It is genuine, heartfelt, and not overly expensive. Personally, I would much rather receive a gift that someone made than one......

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  • 3 Delicious Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving

    cranberry sauceThanksgiving will probably look different for a lot of us this year. A little less grand, a few less people... but that doesn't mean the food needs to be any less delicious. And whether you celebrate with a small turkey, a tofurkey......

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  • 4 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

    pumpkin season

    Halloween is over, but you may still have a pumpkin or two hanging around. Pumpkins aren't just for decor. The pulp and the seeds can be made into an array of different recipes. So before you put your......

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  • Great Reasons to Eat More Oats


    A steaming hot bowl of oatmeal is THE ultimate cold weather food. And not only are oats comforting, they are also very good for you. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, thiamine, immune-boosting

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