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Super Enzymax

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Super Enzymax

High potency digestive enzyme complex Super Enzymax combines a unique blend of high quality plant and microbial enzymes to support and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Enzymes are present in food, however highly processed foods do not contain all the enzymes needed and, even if the foods ingested contain enzymes, these enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process. The modern diet, which consists mostly of cooked and processed food, is devoid of all natural enzymes. This puts an unusual stress on the digestive system resulting in incomplete digestion of food and unabsorbed nutrients.

Enzymes are destroyed in the stomach once the acid hits them, therefore one should take enzymes 30-60 minutes before a meal so that they're in the stomach ready to go to work when the food arrives. However a unique process called enteric coating protects the enzymes from degrading in the stomach acids. Super Enzymax tablets are enteric coated to achieve the maximum benefits from these enzymes.

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