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Ostivone 2


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Why worry about bone density?
Because you want your bones to carry you a long way in life:

Bone density and strength are important to maintain, especially if you want to keep an active, healthy lifestyle.

Why use Ostivone?
It enhances the body's absorption of calcium:

Ostivone's primary ingredient, Ipriflavone, supports healthy bone mineral density by improving calcium absorption into the bones. Because of this action, Ostivone works best when taken daily with a calcium supplement.

It may help bone-building in its own right:

While Ipriflavone, Ostivone's key ingredient, works great with calcium, it may also support bone health.


Take 1 capsule three times daily with meals. For best results, take in conjuction with a multinutrient bone supplement with high potency calcium such as Enzymatic Therapy OsteoPrime.