Oatmeal Himalayan Salt Soap
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Oatmeal Himalayan Salt Soap

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This unscented soap is made with finely ground oatmeal flour and precious pink salt from deep in the Himalayas. Sourced far from pollution and toxins, pink Himalayan salt is naturally rich in minerals and nutrients.

For centuries, folks with problem skin have discovered the benefits of using ancient salts and oatmeal to offer soothing relief of flaky, scaly or just plain itchy skin. (As with any salt on an open wound, use of this product on broken skin may cause stinging.)

As with all of our DermaSens products, one needs only to look to nature for the wonderful body- and eco-friendly properties offered by natural ingredients. Like our other DermaSens products, these bath bars are sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and petrochemical-free.