Iron Tek Hydro Recovery, Coconut Flavor


Iron Tek Hydro Recovery, Coconut Flavor

148 grams POWDER

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Since when did fitness and nutrition become so difficult? We at Iron-Tek have gone back to the basics and crafted a system of workout supplements to help –whether you’re getting fit to look good, or getting fit to get fit.

Hard work. Quality nutrition. It’s that simple.

Iron-Tek Hydro Recovery, when mixed with water, is a must-have post-workout drink to support your recovery and hydration. It contains 4 essential ingredients that will get you ready for your next workout.

  • Tart cherry (CherryPure) reduced recovery time.
  • Branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) promote muscle health and exercise recovery.
  • Coconut water, with potassium, plays an essential role in muscle contractions.
  • 6 Essential electrolytes replenish electrolyte minerals lost during intense workout for total hydration.

Delicious and refreshing. With no added sugar. Consider other Iron-Tek supplements for everyday and pre-workout.