Herbal Nasal Spray


Herbal Nasal Spray


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A Powerful Sinus Delivery System

For years Dr. Ivker has tested and reformulated the Sinus Survival Herbal Nasal Spray to provide a soothing botanical product to moisturize the nose and to provide relief for dry irritated sinuses. It is an excellent irrigant and moisturizer for nasal membranes exposed to polluted, pollen-laden, smoked-filled, or dry air, as well as chronically irritated and inflamed membranes from sinusitis or allergies. In product testing, individuals note its effectiveness in relieving congestion and opening the sinuses.

Spray Formulation: We’ve added Himalayan Salt. In addition to providing 100% of all the minerals needed by the body, Himalayan salt has been shown as an effective agent for the mucus membrane to relieve inflammation. This botanical herbal spray also contains saline, aloe vera and berberis aquifolium to soothe the sinuses.

Delivery System: Sinus Survival's Herbal Nasal Spray provides a metered spray with the same amount in each spray, a finer mist spray than with a plastic bottle and a more powerful spray to deliver to the mucous membrane.

Note: You may notice a slight tingle when first sprayed, this is normal and is a result of the Himalayan Salt and a more powerful spray tip.

Suggested Use: Use daily and as often as needed for dry irritated sinuses. It may be used frequently, one or two sprays (as a mist) per nostril, as often as every 2-3 hours, depending on environmental conditions or the presence of a sinus infection or allergies.