Fiber Delights - Vanilla


Fiber Delights - Vanilla

60 Chewable

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Why take a fiber supplement?

Most of us don't get the fiber we need.
Americans get less than half the recommended amount of fiber per day. Supplemental fiber is a great way to promote and maintain regularity.

Why take Fiber Delights?

Convenient, delicious vanilla-flavored chewable.
Fiber Delights lets you decide when and where to boost your fiber intake. No mixes, no fuss, no mess.

Helps your body absorb calcium.
Because of the unique blend of inulin and oat bran fiber, just 4 tablets a day helps your body absorb calcium.

It helps probiotics grow.
The fiber in Fiber Delights acts as """"prebiotic,"""" helping beneficial bacteria thrive in your digestive system.

Enhances detoxification.
Fiber grabs toxins and helps move them out of your body.


Chew 1 tablet daily for the first week, then increase to 2 tablets daily. If additional fiber is desired, slowly increase to taking 2 tablets four times daily.