Eye Shad Duo Purple Platinum

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INIKA Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duos are rich in pigment for vibrant and opulent color that lasts all day. They have been pressed using an all natural process, delivering the healthiness of mineral eye shadow with the performance of a pressed powder - without the need for harmful chemicals that may irritate sensitive eyes. Like all of your INIKA cosmetics, you can be sure that these all natural beauties don't compromise on quality. Each shadow boasts a high performance mineral color that is rich in pigment, crease-proof and long lasting. Enhance the color and shape of your eye by choosing from any of the seven complimentary shade combinations, and creating a look for any occasion.

INIKA Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo are naturally pressed, to deliver the healthiness of a mineral eye shadow with the performance of a pressed powder (without the harmful chemicals).

These shadows are rich in pigment, crease-proof, long lasting and are available in seven duo combinations, developed to complement each other.

Easy to use and no mess, The ideal hand bag essential.

  • For best results - We recommend applying a base for the eye shadow with either the INIKA Certified Organic Perfection Concealer, INIKA Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream or INIKA Certified Organic Cream Eye Shadow.
  • Using the INIKA Shadow Brush, brush over the desired shade to pick up a small amount of eye shadow.
  • With gentle pressure, apply the eyeshadow eyelid to create the desire look, repeating until you achieve the desired color intensity.