Chewable Maxi Health Cherry
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Chewable Maxi Health Cherry

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Chewable Maxi Health Cherry

Children's complete multi Vitamin/Mineral Provides a healthy balance of essential nutrients needed for children's health and well being

Now you can give your children the benefits of our unique formulation, Chewable Maxi Health, the multi-vitamin/mineral complex, in a great tasting, chewable cherry flavor. Designed with children in mind, we have created the ideal supplement to assure that your children are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and give you some peace of mind. Also, perfect for those who have difficulty swallowing or simply prefer a chewable supplement.

Chewable Maxi Health provides children doses of the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as the following ingredients, which lack in most multi-vitamins for kids:

  • Acidophilus to help maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • Bee Pollen for its health promoting abilities
  • Biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Vitamin B12 for a healthy nervous system, blood cells and energy
  • Bioflavanoids and antioxidants for immune support and to protect cells from damage due to free radicals.
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