Bugger Off!
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Bugger Off!

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With Bugger Off!, your fresh outdoor herbal scent can tell those little buggers exactly where to go!

“Bugger Off!” is the British phrase for some naughty words that would cause Mum to wash out your mouth if she ever heard them uttered! But the phrase is just so darned amusing, we couldn’t resist naming our product exactly as we saw fit!

Bugger Off! is a unique blend of botanical oils that will leave skin soft and intensely moisturized – even when you’re roughing it in the wilderness! After smoothing on this fast-absorbing oil, infused with catnip, citronella and rosemary, you’ll no longer smell delicious to those pesky flying bloodsuckers that need to, well… Just Bugger Off!

Stop being a magnet for mosquitoes, biting flies, no-see-ums and other winged and menacing creatures of the wilderness! With Bugger Off, your fresh outdoor herbal scent can tell them all exactly where to go… (in a natural and polite way, of course).