Bug Beware


Bug Beware

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Bug Beware (25b) 2oz is a 100% safe non-toxic alternative bug repellent spray and it works! Concentrated active ingredients naturally discourage mosquitoes and other pests from biting babies, children, adults and pets too! Field tested in mosquito infested Alaskan terrain - the quality certified organic Aloe Vera leaves (processed into juice) and quality herbal extracts are amazingly supportive and will support the health of your skin while soothing naturally from sun exposure. However, it does not contain an SPF and cannot be considered a sunscreen. Be preventative by keeping a bottle of Bug Beware in your purse, diaper bag, or back pack. It's effectiveness has been proven. Try it you will love it. It smells great with a natural herbal scent non chemical! This product has proven to be effective for over 5 years!