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Allimax Cap


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Allimax® Capsules
Each box contains 30 capsules 180 mg each of Allisure® AC-23 stabilized allicin powder in a 100% vegetarian capsule.

Allimax® is an integral part of Dr. Ivker’s program for cold and sinusitis prevention as well as allergies (review studies below)

Allimax® is made from fresh, raw garlic. Heads of garlic are specifically selected to ensure that they contain significant enzyme activity (allinase enzyme). Garlic heads are split into cloves, which are left unpeeled and then subjected to crushing, filtration and a temperature controlled extraction process designed to produce pure liquid allicin dissolved in water. No chemical solvents are used. The allicin amino acid in fresh garlic is subjected to complete conversion by the allinase enzyme and to ensure a large volume of active allicin is harvested. The volume of allicin produced is directly related to the enzymatic activity.

A past study showed significantly fewer colds versus a placebo group. The Allicin group, who did get a cold, noted a shorter duration and less severity of symptoms. A similar study on allergies also noted that over 80% of participants had a significant reduction in their symptoms during the season.