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Your wellness coach will work with you to create an individual health plan.

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We offer accurate, evidence-based nutritional advice.

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Our practitioners includes naturopathic doctors, certified nutritionists, holistic health counselors and clinical herbalists.

Consultation Services

We have a diverse team of experts including licensed nutritionists, nutrition educators, naturopathic doctors, and herbalists.

Our specialized wellness portal allows for easy scheduling and greater communication and support from your health coach.

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Village Green Apothecary has a large variety of supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies of excellent quality as well as staff that is knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to assist customers.

Avery N.

I set up a consult with one of their experts and was immediately hooked up with a wealth of information and guidance. I am loving the fact I can approach my health's needs with a more natural approach.

Amanda K.

Village Green Apothecary has the largest array of nutritional and physician grade supplements that I've ever seen. Their staff is extremely friendly and helpful!

Francesca C.

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