Gigartina Red Marine Algae


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A soothing, replenishing, healing skin ointment loaded with sulfated polysaccharides from Gigartina red marine algae.

Moisturizing! Rich in Essential Fatty Acids!

Only Vibrant Health’s RMA Ointment contains a concentrated extract of sulfated polysaccharides from specially selected species of Gigartina red marine algae. These polysaccharides have demonstrated a unique ability to support immune function at the cellular level.

RMA Healing Ointment With Gigartina Red Marine Algae EXTRACT

RMA Healing OintmentCombines the wonders of Emu Oil and the anti-viral punch of Gigartinaceae Red Marine Algae (sp. Gigartina skottsbergii, Gigartina stellata, Gigartina tenella plus two more) with 14 other ingredients that nurture healthy skin.

Useful against:
• cold sores
• chicken pox
• eczema & psoriasis
• dermatitis
• diaper rash
• acne
• surface scarring
• bruises
• insect bites

Penetrating! Moisturizing! Soothing! Healing! Anti-viral! Anti-bacterial! Rich in Essential Fatty Acids!