Maxi Omega-3 2000
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Maxi Omega-3 2000

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Maxi Omega 3 2000 Kosher Fish Oil

  • High Grade , kosher fish oil
  • Supports a healthy heart, joints & brain
  • Important for fetal brain & eye development

  • Why is Maxi Omega 3 2000, the fish oil supplement of choice?
  • Contains 1000 mg of fish oil, the highest concentration of its kind in a kosher, vegetarian capsule
  • Has been tested by an independent laboratory for accurate EPA/DHA potency to assure label claim Encapsulated in a vegetarian soft gel made from potato starch
  • Tested and found to have no detectable levels of mercury, lead, PCB's and other impurities which are common in fish oils
  • Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, Manchester KIR and Udavri Kashrus
  • The oil is encapsulated in a kosher, vegetarian soft gel, which can also be chewed or punctured, suitable for children & adults
  • Maxi Omega 3 2000 Kosher Fish Oil Supplement Facts