Digestive Health Panel & Customized Recommendations


Digestive Health Panel & Customized Recommendations

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This lab package includes a comprehensive GI analysis that is reviewed and interpreted by a Naturopathic physician. Based on your lab results and a health questionnaire, Dr. Courtney Roberts will provide you with recommendations to support your health, including a customized herbal formula.*

Whether you are experiencing uncomfortable GI symptoms, such as gas, bloating, or IBS, or have other ongoing health concerns, such as asthma, eczema, anxiety, or an autoimmune condition, assessing and supporting optimal gut function is essential. The gut is at the very core of health and wellness, as it performs many critical roles that impact the whole body and all of its systems. GI dysfunction, bacterial imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies are some of the key drivers and underlying causes of chronic health issues.

Not only is the GI system responsible for digesting and absorbing nutrients, but it also provides a substantial amount of immune protection and neurotransmitter production. In addition, the gut’s complex microbiome plays a significant role in overall health and resiliency. By examining all of the key areas of the gastrointestinal system - digestion/absorption, intestinal barrier health, microbiome balance, and immune/inflammation levels - an individualized approach can be taken to restore balance and optimize health. 

Often in conventional medicine, once a diagnosis is made regarding a GI concern, symptoms are treated according to the condition, not the individual. As a result, the root causes can be missed. In functional medicine, there is no one-size-fits-all protocol. Each person is unique and so is their healing plan. Assessments and functional lab testing help to provide a clear picture of underlying root causes so that recommendations can be tailored specifically to the person.

This Lab Package Includes:

Digestive Health Panel – A non-invasive, at-home stool test that provides detailed information about digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, yeast overgrowth, inflammation, metabolic activity, and immune function. Your test kit will be shipped to your home with complete instructions.

This test evaluates:

    • Bacteria levels (beneficial and pathogenic)
    • Yeast culture
    • Digestion/Absorption:
      • Elastase
      • Fat stain
      • Muscle fibers
      • Vegetable fibers
      • Carbohydrates
    • Inflammation:
      • Lactoferrin
      • Calprotectin
      • Lysozyme
      • White blood cells
      • Mucus
    • Immunology:
      • SIgA
    • Short chain fatty acids:
      • Acetate
      • Propionate
      • Butyrate
      • Valerate
      • Total SCFA’s
    • Intestinal health markers:
      • Occult blood
      • Red blood cells
      • pH

Symptom Questionnaire and Health Intake Form – After ordering this lab package, you will receive an email with a link to complete a symptoms questionnaire and health intake form.

Interpretation of Your Results – The turnaround time for this panel is about 10-12 days. When your results are in, Dr. Roberts will email you an overview and interpretation.

 Sample Test Report

Customized Recommendations – Based on your test results, current symptoms, as well as your answers to the health questionnaire, Dr. Roberts will provide you with personalized diet and supplement suggestions, as well as a recommendation for a custom herbal blend, which can be ordered through Village Green’s compounding pharmacy.

*Please note, the price of your custom herbal formula or any product recommendations made by Dr. Roberts are not included in the testing package price.

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