Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc


Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc

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  • Boosts immune, sinus & respiratory health
  • Helps warm & soothe scratchy throats
  • Supports upper respiratory tract health
  • Zinc naturally provides fuel for your body’s immune functions

The Science

What makes the Elderberry in this product so special?

Sambucus nigra, the European Black Elderberry is the most studied species of Elderberry for immune health. The Styria region of Southeastern Austria, known as the “green heart” of Austria, is renowned as the world’s finest source of elderberries. While Elderberry is a well-known traditional remedy for immune health, the state of the art ElderCraft process allows for extraction without resorting to the use of solvents. The phytonutrient fruit matrix of the berry is maintained, providing a rich source of anthocyanins, polysaccharides and berry micronutrients which deeply support the immune system.

How does Zinc support the immune system?

Zinc is an essential nutrient that is involved in a multitude of aspects of cellular activity. It plays a key role in immune function and is required for stimulating over 100 enzymes which naturally occur in the body.

What kind of probiotic is DE111?

DE111 is a clinically studied strain of Bacillus subtilis that has been researched for its benefits for immune and digestive health. A recent study with 93 participants taking DE111 for 28 days showed immune benefits, including adaptogen activity and a healthy physiological responses.