Facial Firming Gel


Facial Firming Gel


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Annemarie Borlind Facial Firming Gel helps to prevent sagging and bagging as skin ages.

This triple action formula is a synergistic blend of botanical and active herbal ingredients that work together to produce an immediate effect. In just 28 days dermatological tests proved:

  • 38% firmer facial skin
  • 20% reduction of redness
  • Connective tissue is strengthened
  • Enlarged pores are reduced

The secret blend of ingredients, not available in other products, includes:
  • Baobab Leaf Extract - unique to Australia, Africa and India, this valuable extract tones, firms and moisturizes
  • Celandine - a soothing herb which activates the dispersal of blood congestion and facilitates circulation
  • White Agaric Extract - a close relative of the common mushroom that reduces pore size, firms and also refines the structure of the skin
  • Fruit Acid - this gentle alpha hydroxy acid obtained from fruit stabilizes pH of the skin, exfoliates, and hydrates
  • Horsetail Extract - rich in silicic acid, this herb is well-known for its astringent and tissue-firming effects
  • Witch Hazel Extract - an herb valued for centuries for its astringent, antiseptic, and calming properties

Rediscover the enjoyment of rejuvenated, refined, and refreshed skin with Annemarie Borlind Facial Firming Gel