We’re Here to Help: Individualized Nutrition That’s Specific to You, Not Someone Else

Posted on by Marc Isaacson, President, Village Green Apothecary

mountain-joyIf you are overwhelmed when you walk into a health store and see the aisles of bottles and products that are available, you’re not alone. While our industry has amazing natural solutions as well as prescriptions to help heal the body and deliver the right nutrients to create vitality, it can be overwhelming. Many of us take a hodge-podge approach to our nutrient needs. Maybe you take one thing that was recommended by a past doctor, and something else that your spouse bought. Or you might have watched a show or read an article about something, so you added that to your regimen, as well. Did you ever stop to wonder if these are the right things for you? Studies show that 98% of people have unmet nutrient needs or deficiencies that could lead to poor health, symptoms and chronic conditions. In fact, it’s been shown that 75% or more of serious chronic conditions are created not from our gene pool, but from toxins, lifestyle and nutrient deficiencies. So perhaps you have more control of your health than you thought! What if you could have a personal health genie at your fingertips to provide solutions to help you feel your best? What if this genie were able to access thousands of medical and clinical studies and match your needs with the most recent research? If you were able to take the right nutrients for your needs, think how great you might feel. At Village Green, we’re here to help. We think differently than other companies and we know that each person’s approach to their health is uniquely individual. Plus… we have that health genie available to you, to help with your individualized nutrition. We’ve recently announced “The World’s Most Intelligent Personal Health Tool,” called IQYOU. By harnessing the power of over 30,000 medical and research studies, IQYOU is an online tool that provides quick solutions, specific to each person. With over 100,000,000 different possibilities, IQYOU combines science and technology to prepare a customized supplement plan that is unique for you. We also have nutritionists and health professionals on staff to provide answers to your questions. And we have specific lab tests that can help as well, such as tests for nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormones, allergies and more. If you want to break free from a generic health approach and the confusion of what’s made for the masses, check out IQYOU. Our smart health tool is free for our customers. For more information, or to join our personal health revolution, click here. Photo from here, with thanks.