Weight Loss Secrets: Free 5-Class Series in Bethesda

Posted on by Heather Gunn

To help jump-start your goals for the New Year, if you're looking to drop some pounds and are local to the DC metropolitan area, Village Green is offering a FREE series of five sessions of weight loss secrets... and the strategy behind making it permanent. You can feel better and look better by learning how to achieve healthy results now! Losing weight should be simple – and I’m NOT asking you to give up any of your pleasure foods to do it. There are easier ways to accomplish health and permanent weight loss and I will show you how. Each session will progressively build on the last. In these 5 sessions you will learn:
  • Easy lifestyle strategies to keep your weight balanced.
  • 5 nutritional supplements that support a revving metabolism.
  • The secret to cooking and eating for your ideal weight.
  • The simplest way to add 10 years to your life.
  • How to customize your workouts to personally increase your metabolism.
These classes will meet on Thursday evenings, January 9 to February 6, from 7:00-8:00 pm. Classes will take place in Village Green's health practitioner offices (directly across from the store) at 5411 W. Cedar Lane, Suite 202A, Bethesda, MD. Registration for the class series is limited to 10 people. Participants must pre-qualify to attend and must be available to come to each session in order to maintain the integrity of the group. Please email your interest and contact information to me at heather@myvillagegreen.com, and briefly explain why you think these sessions will benefit you. Reserve your space now! Heather Gunn, MS, CNS, LDN, is a clinical herbalist, licensed nutritionist and fitness consultant. Her special interests are in supporting overall health, weight loss, hormone balance and stress management. Contact: heather@myvillagegreen.com or 301-530-0800 x1019.