Village Green Radio Show- Detox for a Healthier You

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Have you heard? Village Green has its own radio show and we cover every topic you could think of, from attention deficit disorder to zinc deficiency issues. Hosts Dr. Kevin Passero and Dana Laake bring you weekly interviews that tackle topics important to you. Our weekly radio show airs 9-10 am Thursdays in the DC area on AM 1260. This Thursday's topic is about detoxing and your New Year’s resolution to get lean and feel good. Host Dr. Kevin Passero will speak with Steven Nadell, Functional Medicine Nutritionist with Xymogen. Why is detox important? The concept that toxins can accumulate in the body and cause various health problems has long been a fundamental belief of traditional healthcare systems around the world. For centuries, societies have valued therapies that have promoted the idea of cleansing and detoxifying. In fact, many health care practitioners believe that long term, low-level toxin exposure may be a culprit in a number of serious diseases and health complaints such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment and multiple chemical sensitivities. Dr. Passero and Mr. Nadell will go into detail about what can be done to help detoxify your system. If you have missed a previous show or would like to revisit past episodes, you can hear them here.