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  • 8 Ways Your Compound Pharmacy is Important


    Did you know that Village Green Apothecary has safely provided prescription drugs for over 50 years? And compounding is a big part of that. Our Read more

  • Time to Revamp Your Health? Consider a Health Consult

    woman-happyIf you are struggling with any health issues or simply want to revitalize your health, we invite you to consult with one of Village Green’s health experts. Our highly trained team of advisors......

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  • Nutrient Power: Rebalancing Biochemistry to Address Health Issues

    In his fascinating new book, Nutrient Power, Dr. William Walsh focuses on brain health and the importance of nutrients to rebalance brain chemistry. The main foundation of the book is focusing on an individual’s unique needs and then formulating a......

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  • Landmark Compounding Court Decision Issued

    In 2009, a pharmacy owned by Paul Franck made a mistake compounding a medication for horses and unfortunately, 21 polo horses died. After this happened, Franck’s pharmacy launched a recall, did an investigation, determined the weakness, and modified their policies......

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