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  • Back to School Series: Supplements for Your Kids

    One question I get asked often is, "Do I give my kids supplements and if so, which ones?" The short answer is yes, but it is more complicated than that. I do think......

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  • Back to School Series: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

    child sleeping

    Over the summer many people have a more relaxed schedule and bedtimes for the kids may be a bit more flexible. But now that school is in full......

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  • Back to School Series: Soothing Sore Throat Remedies

    Even after all the handwashing, the healthy food, the immune supporting supplements... one of us seems to come down with something. A sore throat seems to be the first sign of back-to-school illness......

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  • Back to School Series: Fight the Lice

    Am I the only one who starts scratching their head as soon as they hear the word lice? It may be one of the most dreaded words a parent can hear once school......

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  • Back to School Series: Wash Your Hands!

    In the next few weeks, I will be reposting blogs that have helpful information for dealing with all the awesome things (insert sarcasm here) that come with kids going back to school. Whether......

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  • Back to School


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  • Get Ready for 'Back to School' With These 5 Blogs

    back to school joeI am 2 weeks away from sending my oldest back to school. It always seems like a bit of a last-minute scramble to get him (and me) prepared for......

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  • Back to School... For Moms

    Toward the end of summer, moms begin to think about the upcoming school year. While the summer may have meant lazy days without schedules or routines, the school year brings about something else entirely. How can you ensure a seamless......

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  • 4 Tips for Healthy Kids: Back to School

    It’s back-to-school time. But homework isn’t the only thing your children will be bringing home. The spread of germs and viruses leading to colds and flu will probably make their way into your front door as well.

    Children need to......

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