Looking for Bioidentical Hormones or Breast Thermography?

Posted on by Margo Gladding

Village Green would like to introduce you to Lynn Dudley, MSHS, PA-C, CCT. She is a Physician’s Assistant available for bioidentical hormone (BHRT) consultations and thermography appointments. She sees patients in Bethesda the first Wednesday of each month in the doctor’s office across from Village Green, in Suite 202-A. Lynn is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced physician’s assistant who has been working with Dr. Mark Sivieri (evidence-based medicine) for 7 years. Lynn has a master’s degree in Health Sciences with Physician Assistant Certification from George Washington University, and she is a Certified Clinical Thermographer. She is also a Certified Lifestyle Coach. Lynn specializes in women’s health issues, including bioidentical hormone replacement, breast thermography, hormonal, endocrine, and metabolic dysfunction, nutrition and lifestyle education, and children’s health issues. She is available for the following services: Bioidentidal Hormones (BHRT) Consultation Hormones are important messengers that affect many functions in the body. Imbalances can be very disruptive to one’s health (low libido, fatigue, menopausal complaints, sleep disturbances, etc.). Natural hormone support can help restore optimal hormone levels specific to one’s age and stage of life. During your consultation, the hormone test best suited to your health concerns and health goals will be determined. Your test results will help to create the best custom bioidentical hormone preparation for you. Thermography Testing Breast thermography is a noninvasive test that can detect subtle physiologic changes in breast health. The benefit of breast thermography is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self examination, doctor examination, or mammography alone. For further information or to make an appointment with Lynn, please call 410-312-5280 x103.