Sunday Radio Show: The Importance of Magnesium Sulfate for Healthy Living

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Join us this Sunday as host Dana Laake and her special guests Warren Chambers and Dr. Arthur J. Sumrall, MD, discuss the importance of magnesium sulfate for healthy living. Over the past 30 years, Warren Chambers has formulated several personal care products that have gained notoriety in the industries of Professional Sports Medicine and Health & Beauty. Dr. Sumrall is the founder of the Longevity Institute of Indiana and primarily practices in dermatology and wellness medicine. Warren Chambers and Dr. Sumrall co-developed Magsoothium – a magnesium sulfate-based formulation, which comes in the form of a cream, spray or crystals, and helps to soothe aching muscles, rejuvenate damaged skin and promote general wellness. Tune in this Sunday from 10-11am on 1500 AM (WFED) or listen live on the web. Our shows are streamed everywhere. Last week's show was on healthy blood sugar balance. Click to listen.