SpectraCell Testing / New Blood Draw Hours

Posted on by Margo Gladding

As strong believers in the importance of personalized healthcare, at Village Green we have been on a mission to provide our customers with a wide variety of tools to optimize health. One very valuable tool that we offer is specialty lab testing, which can give individuals valuable insights into their health. Functional lab tests can help to uncover system imbalances, connect the dots on various aspects of health, and help to tailor nutrient protocols. In my nutrition practice, I have found lab testing to be extremely helpful in pinpointing important areas to focus on, and knowing which nutrients are needed most. Two tests that I often recommend are SpectraCell Laboratories Micronutrient Test and the CardioMetabolic Panel, also offered by SpectraCell. These comprehensive tests (which are covered by health insurance) provide me with very useful information, such as nutrient status (over 30 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and metabolites), as well as metabolic risk factors, cardiovascular risk factors, inflammatory signs, and essential fatty acid balance. Studies show that correcting nutrient deficiencies and reducing metabolic, cardiovascular, and inflammatory risk factors are critical pieces in reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases. I am very grateful for the partnership that Village Green has formed with SpectraCell Labs, which has allowed us to provide our local customers with free blood draws and discount pricing on testing. Beyond the two lab panels that I mentioned above, they also offer a variety of other functional tests, such as adrenal and thyroid panels, male and female hormone profiles, and some genetic testing. If you would like to learn more about SpectraCell testing, you can find more details on the resource page of our website. And, under the Lab Testing tab, you can also learn about many other great functional lab panels that we offer. Feel free to reach out to our nutrition team at Village Green anytime for more information. We are happy to help! SpectraCell blood draw hours: Please note, starting this month, SpectraCell blood draw hours at Village Green have changed. New hours are 10am-12pm and will take place the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month.