Special August Sale on Pathway Products

Posted on by Margo Gladding

Pathway-4aWe have just begun a special August sale on Pathway nutritional products, which will run until August 26. Pathway products are now 30% off – it's a good time to stock up! At Village Green Apothecary, we are passionate about providing a wide selection of high-quality nutritional supplements and educating our customers as to their optimal therapeutic use. As part of our commitment to offer the best products to support your health, we proudly stand behind our professional line of nutritional supplements, Pathway Essentials. From raw-material selection, all the way to the finished products, our supplements are carefully designed and laboratory tested for purity and potency, to provide you with safe and efficacious formulas. Pathway Essentials features over 150 nutritional products that are all expert-formulated and research-driven. They contain synergistic nutrients and optimal nutrient forms, include therapeutic quantities of clinically tested ingredients (many of which are patented or trademarked), are hypoallergenic, and are always free of harmful ingredients. Based on the latest scientific evidence, we continue to update our formulas and introduce new products to meet your growing needs. From children’s formulas to adult formulas, single nutrients to comprehensive nutrient and herbal formulations, protein powders, sports nutrition products, as well as many other unique specialty supplements, you can trust Pathway products to support you and your family’s health and wellness goals.