A Top Quality Multivitamin: Pathway Multi Two

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

For many, starting a new year means making a resolution to be healthier by eating well and exercising more. One simple way that you can be healthier is by adding a quality multivitamin /mineral, which should help fill in the gaps where you may be lacking nutritionally. Personally, I think it's best to get your nutrients from food, but realistically, that rarely happens and that is why I recommend Pathway Multi Two. Pathway Multi Two has been carefully formulated to guarantee highest purity and potency. It incorporates the latest research on nutrient transport and interaction to enhance efficient metabolism and contains active coenzyme forms of B vitamins for maximum energy support. Why Take Pathway Multi Two? · Vitamins and minerals are essential for health because they support almost every function of the body. They optimize metabolism and energy production, activate chemical reactions, repair damaged tissue, guard against free radicals, support the production of neurotransmitters and hormones, and are needed for growth and reproduction. · Pathway Multi Two is a highly bioavailable multivitamin formula complete with minerals and cofactors in forms that are readily absorbed, transported, and utilized by the body. The vitamins and minerals in Multi Two activate the body's metabolic processes, and synergistic cofactors aid in absorption, uptake, utilization, and metabolism of nutrients. · Because most Americans consume far less than five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, it is simply not possible to rely on diet alone for a complete range of nutrients. Even the best diet cannot guarantee optimal nutrient levels due to high-volume farming methods, soil depletion, chemical fertilizers, and the use of pesticides. In addition, processing, storing, and cooking food further reduces the nutrient content. Other factors such as environmental toxins, stress, aging, health conditions, medications, and lifestyle habits can also increase one’s requirement for vitamins and minerals. What are the Clinical Benefits? Coenzyme B-Vitamins: Pathway MULTI TWO contains coenzyme forms of all of the B complex vitamins. B vitamins are critical to many processes in the body. Because coenzyme B vitamins do not need to be converted by the liver, they are fully activated for maximum absorption and assimilation into cells. Enhanced utilization can make a big difference in energy levels and health benefits. For example, human urinary excretions of methylcobalamin (coenzyme B12) is about one-third that of a similar dose of cyanocobalamin (non-coenzyme B12), indicating substantially greater tissue retention and absorption. Amino Acid Chelates: Another feature of Pathway MULTI TWO that makes it a superior formula is that it provides minerals in several different carriers (citrates, malates, glycinates, picolinates, etc.), designed to give the body choices for enhanced absorption. Non-chelated mineral forms, such as carbonates or oxides, are not included in this formula, due to their poor solubility and bioavailability. Krebs Cycle Nutrients: Krebs cycle is the energy production process that leads to the formation of the energy molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). An incomplete Krebs cycle can be caused by deficiencies in energy substrates, acquired or inherited disease states, or physical stress, and may lead to an inhibition of normal energy production and contribute to a wide range of metabolic disturbances and symptoms. The use of supplemental Krebs cycle nutrients can assist in the management of mitochondrial energy substrates and increase cellular energy production. All this in a two-a-day tablet!