Pain Series: A Natural Approach to Joint Pain

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

joggersThe last topic in our pain series is joint pain. Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches, and soreness in any part of the body where bones connect. Joint pain is a common complaint, and frequent causes include arthritis, gout, strains, and sprains. Common sites of joint pain include: knee, shoulder, hip, and wrist. In the absence of an injury, pain in one or more of your joints is often caused by inflammation or infection. Persistent pain that may occur after a viral infection requires a doctor's attention. Joint pain symptoms include: Pain Swelling Stiffness Warmth in your joints Diet and supplements are an integral part of managing joint pain. Diet plays a critical role in regulating pain and is the foundation for good health. The foods you eat have the ability to trigger either pro-inflammatory chemicals or anti-inflammatory chemicals. Pro-inflammatory foods increase pain, swelling, and cellular damage. An increase in inflammatory chemicals has been associated with most chronic diseases including joint pain, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and various cancers. Click here to learn about what foods to avoid. A whole foods diet is a way of eating that promotes life-long health. Emphasize fresh, organic, raw and cooked vegetables, seasonal fruit, whole grains, high quality protein and fats, beans, and purified water. This will have many benefits besides decreasing inflammation including promoting healthy intestinal function, decreasing cellular damage, assisting hormonal balance, supporting the immune system and promoting healthy weight. There are many supplements that can be beneficial in assisting with joint pain. The following two supplements have been shown to support anti-inflammatory processes and assist with joint pain. Pathway INFLAMMOVE contains comprehensive blend of herbs, enzymes, and antioxidant nutrients that supports healthy joint mobility. Key ingredients include turmeric, ginger, white willow, boswellia, devil’s claw, papain, bromelain, resveratrol and grape seed extract. This formula is recommended for anyone experiencing either acute or chronic pain and inflammation. Pathway JOINT HEALTH FORMULA is a superior formula for joint, bone, and connective tissue health. This unique formula provides an effective combination of synergistic nutrients supporting optimal structure and function of these tissues. It is an ideal formula both for building and maintaining strong joints and connective tissues, and supports their recovery from injury or degradation. Powerful ingredients include glucosamine, MSM, desiccated sea cucumber, k-Rutin, turmeric, grape seed extract, strontium, vitamin D, selenium, and bioperine for enhanced absorption. Other supplements that may help including vitamin D, proteolytic enzymes and fish oil. As with any supplement please consult with one of our nutritional experts to see what supplement(s) would be best for your needs. Schedule a consultation with one of Village Green’s naturopathic doctors or certified nutritionists for a personal assessment of how to naturally relieve joint pain. Photo from here, with thanks.