MyChelle Dermaceuticals: Sunshield SPF 28

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Even in the cold of winter, your skin still needs protection from the harsh effects of the sun. Don’t pack away the sunscreen with your shorts and swimwear once the weather turns cold. Sunscreen should be part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth... especially for your little ones. Before heading out the door, apply sunscreen liberally to all exposed areas. Even if your kids are riding in a car or school bus, those harmful rays penetrate the glass and cause skin damage. MyChelle Dermaceuticals: Sunshield SPF 28 is an unscented, environmentally-safe, full spectrum UVA/UVB sun defense that offers powerfully effective protection, yet is gentle enough for infants and non-irritating near the eyes. It uses translucent zinc and titanium dioxides that act as physical barriers.