My 5 "Must Haves" for Weekend Getaways

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Once the warm weather starts, my husband and I pack up the kids and head to our little sanctuary up north. There is bound to be something left behind with the numerous trips we make, but I always make sure that these five items are in my purse or diaper bag before the car rolls of out of the driveway. 1. Sunscreen: I have talked about this many times, but Badger Unscented SPF 30 sunscreen is the best sunscreen for my kids. It is a bit thick, since zinc oxide is the main ingredient, but the protection it provides is worth it. Even my little girl, who inherited by husbands’s English/Irish complexion, stays burn-free with this product. Since we are outdoors most of the time, this is a must! 2. Insect repellent: Did I mention that the mosquito is the area’s national animal?! Wearing light-colored clothing and covering as much possible helps, but we also spray Quantum Buzzaway Insect Repellent to help keep these pesky insects away. Made with essential oils, it is even safe to use on my 1-year-old. 3. Sleep aid: Along with a sleep mask, I also bring along Pathway ZZZZZ. It is a liquid herbal formula that helps rest my mind and helps me get a restful sleep. I always have trouble sleeping the first night away and this really helps. 4. Phosphate-free soap: Dr. Bronners Castille Baby Liquid Soap is all we need up there for bathing. It is safe and gentle not only on our kids, but also on the lake. 5. Arnica montana: With all the outdoor activities, there is bound to be a bruise or two, so this little homeopathic remedy is a miracle in a bottle. The tiny tablets can easily be dissolved in a little bit of water for even the smallest child. What are your travel "must haves"?