Support Pending Legislation for Licensed Naturopaths in Maryland

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Maryland residents have a chance now to help get important legislation passed regarding licensing of Naturopathic physicians in our state. Naturopathic medicine is an extremely important option for people who want to improve their health by getting to the root cause of their symptoms or the disease. It is also an important option for those who have not had success with conventional medicine. And, it is an important option for people who want to prevent illness to begin with. To have licensed Naturopaths in Maryland would be a great step forward in alternative healthcare here. At Village Green, we are strong proponents of Naturopathic medicine and believe this approach is critical to improving the health of people, and the health of our healthcare system. Naturopathic medicine is – we hope – finally, in 2014, on the verge of becoming licensed in our home state of Maryland, as it is already in a number of other states and the District of Columbia. Dr. Kevin Passero, one of our naturopaths-in-residence who also is a Past President of the Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians, has urged us to spread the word about this legislation, and and about taking action by calling or writing to your state senators, if you live in Maryland. Information on how to do this is in the Action Alert below, from Dr, Emily Telfair, current President of the Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Thank you!
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State Board of Naturopathic Medicine
We expect SB 314 to soon be passed by the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee and then quickly proceed to the Senate Floor.
Please contact your State Senator TODAY to voice your support!
1. FIND YOUR SENATOR by typing in your street address to the following website:
(Please DO NOT call Senator Mikulski or Senator Cardin as they are FEDERAL Senators)
2. CALL your State Senator's office and say: "Please Ask Senator " " to Support SB 314 and the Licensure of Naturopathic Doctors in Maryland"
  • SB 314 will establish the State Board of Naturopathic Medicine to allow for the licensing of qualified Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) and regulate the practice of Naturopathic medicine in Maryland.
  • The Bill will define a scope of practice that will allow NDs to diagnose, treat, and prevent health conditions using natural therapies, counseling, and physical medicine. The Bill will also protect the use of the titles "Naturopathic Doctor," "Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine," "Doctor of Naturopathy," and "Naturopath."
  • The Bill will better ensure public safety through regulation of this rapidly growing and otherwise unregulated practice.

To support the efforts of the MDANP, please

Every contribution is greatly appreciated!

With Gratitude, Emily Telfair, ND President Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians