Haiti Earthquake Hits Close to Home

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Pierre Dolet And Village Green Staff Encourage Everyone To Help Pierre Richard Dolet is a native of Haiti and a cherished employee here at Village Green. He has lost friends in the earthquake. His family members lost their home and must sleep in the streets. Pierre's hometown is Petion-ville, Haiti, not far from Port-au-Prince. Buildings there have collapsed and unknown numbers of people have been killed or injured. Although Petion-ville is close to Port-au-Prince, the roads are poor and the town sits on a mountain. Delivering desperately needed medical aid, and even basic necessities like water, is an immediate concern. Pierre's family and friends, and millions of other survivors in Haiti are in dire need of assistance. Here's How You Can Help. The most effective way you can help is to make a donation to a top-rated organization that is involved in providing emergency support. We recommend: Doctors Without Borders Because Doctors Without Borders already had teams working on medical projects in Haiti at the time of the earthquake, they have treated hundreds of injured people and are working to get more staff into the country. Doctors are setting up medical facilities in tents, since their own buildings have been severely damaged. Partners in Health This aid organization "is based on solidarity, rather than charity alone," and is working to coordinate 120 doctors and 500 nurses on the ground in Haiti, evaluating how best to respond to the crisis. PIH's flagship project is based in Haiti, and it's where the organization's broadest range of resources is located. Oxfam International Oxfam has dispatched a team of specialists to Haiti and is working to send badly needed medical supplies. Their humanitarian coordinator in Port-au-Prince said, "Our immediate priorities will be providing safe water and shelter material for the people who have lost their homes. Many people have lost their homes and were sleeping out in the open last night." International Rescue Committee The IRC will be working with overwhelmed local aid groups in Haiti to provide life-saving medical care, clean water and sanitation to earthquake survivors. IRC specialists are veteran first-responders who set up immediate and effective emergency programs around the world during violent conflicts and natural disasters.